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Don’t Fear the Pies of March, it’s Pi Day Again

I’ve been calling the ascendancy of pie over cupcakes for years, and whether you’re with me on that or not, you’ll have to grant pie its moment in the limelight today, pi day. In the US reckoning of dates, it’s 3/14/15 today, and those who are way way into it will no doubt be digging into some pie at 9:26, because 3.1415926, you know.

I set out this morning to get to Petsi Pies in Cambridge at 9:26 to see what, if anything, would happen. I arrived early enough and bought a slice of apple and a slice of pecan, and settled in to await the irrational minute.

Pecan pie from Petsi pies

The place started to fill up, probably not much more than a typical weekend morning, and at the tick of 9:26, nothing unusual happened. No countdown, no pi-themed cheers, chants, or songs. Rumor has it that fancy stuff was going on at the Somerville location, but I was happy to observe pi day quietly.

That’s what’s great about mathematics: unnoticed, unobserved, or unappreciated, it still just is. Now, where can I get some piroshki for a 9:26pm dinner?

Bus Stop Followup, still no PARK(ing)

It’s been well over a year since the MBTA decommissioned a pair of bus stops near limeduck world HQ, and the space is still vacant. They finally removed the bus stop sign, but there’s still a no parking sign. No car parking, bike parking, no EV charging, no pocket park, no Bridj stop, no hopscotch board. I’ve got to say I’m (still) disappointed. I don’t miss the bus stop much, but every time I walk by, I think, “meh.” It’s in front of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, you’d think they could do something with it.

This bus stop has run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile

Well, interestingly enough, this Friday, many Cambridge parking spots will be turned into something else, but this area, since it’s not a parking spot, will remain a void.

This Friday is PARK(ing) Day, a sort of open-source urban intervention wherein people occupy parking spots (the do feed the meters) and create temporary parks and other 200 square foot oases for the day. Our Fair City, Cambridge, is participating and the map below shows the location of most of the sites so far.

PARK(ing) day 2014 map of Cambridge

I’m looking forward to PARK(ing) Day and I hope it gives Cambridge – and maybe others – some good ideas about using spare street space for something interesting, maybe even more than once a year.