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North Station to North Station in 50 years

I set out last week from North Station, taking the commuter rail with legions of downtown office-workers headed home to the suburbs like Don Draper. ┬áBut wasn’t headed for scotch and family, I was taking my first car-free trip to the DeCordova museum for the opening of three new shows.

When I arrived at the museum an hour later, I found myself looking at where I started, fifty years ago.

That’s North Station in the ’40s, photographed by Jules Aarons, part of an exhibition at DeCordova called “In the Jewish Neighborhoods” consisting of pictures of Boston’s North and West ends as well as Paris and New York in the 1940s. ┬áThe green line trolley is just about the only thing recognizable in this picture now, even though the tracks have been sunk underground and North Station has been subsumed (literally) in the TD BankNorth Garden.

Lost in the negative

Recent tropical weather – by which I mean steamy torrents of rain, not sunny skies – always puts me in the mood to go spelunking in the photo back catalog.

I found this in the “meh” bin from a trip to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. It’s Victoria Harbor reflecting the skyline that everybody else was shooting. You can get a better idea of the total scene from this shot. I could get lost in these negatives for days.

Neon towers write
shimmering calligraphy
on Hong Kong harbor.

Summer sky

Waiting for the snow tonight, I see the sky is almost purple. Here’s one more wide pic, probably the last for a while, from a summery day, the sky over Boston harbor. Back to the left side of the brain this week.