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Compliments all around

Yesterday the good folks at the Compliments food truck seem to have decided it was their duty to dispense compliments to their patrons. It certainly brightened my day. I got “hey, I really like your sunglasses” (they’re Warby Parkers, and it’s like looking through an Instagram filter all the time!) and the gent behind me was told he was “a beautiful man” even though or perhaps because he ordered the last focaccia.


I chose the grilled cheese with tomato because it seemed like the right thing to do and because I remembered the tuna melt I got from this truck last season was superb. I was not disappointed. It was a wonderfully toasted sandwich on good bread with good cheese. The tomato was just ok but it didn’t diminish the totality of the sandwich. Tomato is always a tricky element of a grilled cheese sandwich because it can be slippery, causing the sandwich halves to drift like tectonic plates. But I digress.


At the last minute I also ordered the fried cauliflower, though I’m a bit skeptical of the “too fresh” moniker. I like cauliflower almost any way except overcooked, and I’m now prepared to say that fried with sea salt and some spices is a very good way to have cauliflower. Crispy from the frying but not crunchy from the cauliflower, which was cooked just enough. Highly recommended.


Compliments to the chef!

MMM MMM M&M ribs

I was sorely tempted to return to The Latin Spoon for empanadas on this almost springy Tuesday, but the Quest requires that I visit each truck in turn before repeating. I’d been to M&M Ribs before and enjoyed it, so it was nice to return to a familiar menu.

The menu at M&M Ribs

I seem to remember having pulled pork and collard greens last time, so I chose the beef brisket with a side of BBQ baked beans. I was quickly served up with a smile.

BBQ beef brisket sandwich from M&M Ribs truck

This is a fantastic sandwich. In contrast to the dry rub on offer at Lilian’s Smokin’ Rack, M&M’s BBQ is moist and saucy, exceptionally tender, and served on a bun. The sandwich size is generous but not coma-inducing, though the quantity of beans was a bit excessive, though no less delicious. The sauce is on the sweet side, not spicy, and gives a real sense that summer might some day arrive. At twice the price of a Lilian’s “slider” one might question the relative value for the money, but certainly not the absolute deliciousness.

Truckless Tenoch Totally Tackles Tortas

At City Hall Plaza yesterday, there was a different kind of truck, more like a trailer really, offering Mexican sandwiches called tortas. It was Tenoch Movil, the roving branch of Tenoch Mexican restaurant of Medford and Boston.

This is my kind of food truck operation. Simple menu, simple pricing, do one thing – tortas, juicy Mexican sandwiches – and do it very well. Cash only, too, by the way.

The menu at Tenoch Movil

I chose the Campechana, which was swiftly assembled, wrapped, bagged, and handed over with a smile. The smooth operation produces a smooth sandwich. Spicy pork is front and center in the form of carnitas and chorizo, but the buttery telera bread, creamy avocado, and mild Oaxaca cheese cool it down just enough to get set on fire again by the chipotle mayo.

Torta Campechana at Tenoch Movil

The sandwich looks small but don’t let it fool you, there’s no need for a side, though we did have a frozen yogurt craving afterwards perhaps to shake off some of the zesty spices. I’ve been enjoying tortas at Aguacate Verde in Somerville and will continue to do so, but Tenoch has won a major share of my heart, and perhaps narrowed my arteries, too.


Truth in Truckvertising at The Bacon Truck

Another wind-blown lunch at City Hall Plaza. Today, we chose The Bacon Truck. Judging by the line, most people felt there was no other choice, though Green Bean Mobile Cafe (with solar panels, a bit of a joke at City Hall Plaza) and Mediterranean Home Cooking (with burek, more on that next week) looked pretty good. You’ve got to give TBC credit for focus. I count 13 menu items (besides water and chips) with 12 of them containing bacon.  If that’s not enough, you can get extra bacon on a sandwich for $2 or something called “bunch o’ bacon” for $3. And their logo is a strip of bacon with a cowboy hat riding a pig.

The Bacon Truck menu

I chose BLAT: Bacon Lettuce Avocado Tomato. It’s fun to say and fun to eat. I skipped the aioli to stay focused and ordered mine on whole wheat. It was well toasted and had thick slabs of bacon protruding from all sides. The lettuce was shredded, not really my favorite thing, but it probably made the whole affair more manageable. A couple of bites in, I noticed that there was in fact no avocado and I’d been mistakenly given a simple BL-T. The baconeers apologized profusely, fixed the error and handed me a strip of candied bacon to boot.

BLAT from The Bacon Truck

With avocado firmly in place, I can say that the BLAT was superb. I really don’t know why you’d bother with mayo when you have creamy avocado in there. Salty, smoky, toasted, tomoatoey, it was almost all you’d want in a non-cheese sandwich, all for 8.5 dollars.

Healthy options! Ha!

It’s really not clear to me that any of these menu items could qualify as “healthy” even with all three of the options listed, but if you come to the head of the line for The Bacon Truck and order something “but hold the bacon” you are a true contrarian.

Cap’n Marden is a Trucking Codsend

Well, it’s not summer, it’s barely even spring, but Captain Marden’s Cod Squad truck makes the frozen wind tunnel of City Hall Plaza feel just a bit like the beach.


I had the crab cake sandwich, a burger-sized crabcake on a “Hazel’s Bakery Roll” with fries and fixins for $9. You can almost smell the salt air.


I’ve heard good things about their fried clams and will have to return for the fish n chips and calamari. I’ll leave the battle of the lobster rolls those those who roll that way.